How It All Works


We at Samurai Jobs, IT Professionals, streamline the and enrich the online hiring experience. We have, in a sense, reverted to the “old days” and make securing your next role a much easier process.

With Samurai Jobs we don’t require a candidate fill out lengthy profiles and resume submission fields and forms, the employer will most certainly require such. In lieu of harvesting your data to simply apply for a job we employ a simple three step model:

1. Roles are delivered to Samurai Jobs to be filled.
2. Samurai Jobs posts the jobs with direct path to the employer or recruiter.
3. Candidates apply directly to the recruiter or employer without a “middle-man” or extra steps.

Furthermore, all jobs with Samurai Jobs expire after 60 days ensuring, filled or not, a candidate is not applying to a “stale” role. This ensures clean and fresh content and efficient experience.

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Post a job today. Samurai Jobs has streamlined the job posting process and removed the wasted time and energy expended on historical job sites.